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Support Georgia Telework Week 2013

The best commute is the one you don't have to make.

Telework by the numbers:

  • Driving less can save you 45¢ per mile on commute costs. Based on a 35-mile roundtrip commute, if you teleworked once a week for a year, you could save more than $800.
  • Every mile you don’t have to drive in your car helps keep one pound of pollution from going into the air we breathe.

Already teleworking?

  • More than 600,000 commuters in Atlanta and thousands more across Georgia telework on occasion. Chime in and let everyone know you’re doing it. When you log your telework commuting activity the week of August 19-23, you can win $25 prizes. Click here to see the winners. Don’t know how to log your telework days? Click here to register for logging.
  • Ask your employer to support Georgia Telework Week.
  • You can also nominate your boss for Georgia Commute Options' Telemanager of the Quarter award.

Think you’d be a great candidate for telework, but need help convincing your supervisor?

  • Georgia Commute Options partners offer resources to help you make the case. Contact us for assistance.
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