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Commuter Champions

We love to recognize our commuters who have had a long-term commitment to clean commuting (carpooling, vanpooling, riding transit, teleworking, working a compressed work week, walking, or biking to work). When commuters reach 25,000 and 50,000 pounds of pollution reduced through choosing a commute alternative, they are rewarded for achieving those milestones.

Want to earn bragging rights and high-fives? Find out how you can become a Commuter Champion here.


Judge Hal Hamrick

Judge Hamrick is a 25k Commuter Champion. He carpooled with his wife for 16 years until she retired. Interesting fact: They only owned one car while they carpooled. What a way to reduce your carbon footprint!


Lauren Williams

Lauren is an avid vanpooler and 50k Commuter Champion at Assurant. She is always looking for ways to promote the Georgia Commute Options programs at her worksite. She has brought friends to Vanpoolooza (a 2013 vanpool challenge), schedules events, keeps Georgia Commute Options information on her desk, and encourages her coworkers to participate.