Free services to help improve how you get to and from work.

Improve Your Commute

Join the hundreds of thousands of commuters in Georgia who make every mile count.

Every mile you drive alone costs you. When you calculate gas, maintenance and other car expenses, it costs you 59 cents a mile. That adds up to thousands of dollars a year.

By trying one of these commute alternatives once or twice a week, you’ll get more out of every mile. You’ll save a lot of money, reduce your stress and have time to work, rest or relax while someone else drives.

Georgia Commute Options is available in selected areas. Find the closest organization based on where you work that can help you get started. Or explore the links below.


Share the ride -- it saves money and reduces stress. Get help finding a carpool partner and more resources to help you get started.


Avoid traffic altogether by working from home. Teleworking helps improve productivity! You can even get help making the case to your boss.

Compressed Work Weeks and Flextime

If you can't change how you get to work, change when you work.


It can save lots of money and even offer tax benefits. Find or start a vanpool by going here.

Park and Ride Lots

The Atlanta Regional Commission has developed an interactive map of Park and Ride lots in the region. Check it out and leave your car behind!


There are transit providers in major metro areas across the state. We can link you to all of them right here.


Human-powered commuting means better health and no pollution.  Get resources here to bike and walk.

Car Sharing

This new transportation option gives you the freedom of having a car on an as-needed basis.