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Make It Easier

You have your own team that will make choosing a commute alternative easier.

Do you need help finding a carpool partner who lives and works near you, a guaranteed ride home from work so you don't get stranded if you have to work late, or the best transit route to get you to work and home? Maybe you want to avoid road construction. Whatever you need to avoid traffic and gain peace of mind, you can find it here.

Find Help in Your Area

There are a number of organizations that work around the region to help commuters and employers. Find the one nearest you.

Resources: Ridematching, Guaranteed Ride Home and Transit Route Info

There are a number of resources to help you in your efforts to use a commute alternative from finding a carpool or vanpool partner to identifying which transit provider serves your area.

Plan Your Clean Commute (Metro Atlanta)

If you live in metro Atlanta, this resource from the Citizens for Progressive Transit can help you plan your clean commute.

Real-Time Traffic Info and Assistance

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) provides a great resources to help commuters see and hear traffic conditions so they can plan accordingly, and roadside assistance when troubles arise.

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