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Celebrate National Dump the Pump Day on June 21st

On June 21, 2018, the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and public transportation systems across the country will celebrate the 13th Annual National Dump the Pump DayRide Public Transportation initiative. Georgia Commute Options is partnering with MARTA on this effort as we encourage the metro Atlanta region to try transit. National Dump the Pump Day began in 2006, when gas prices were $3 a gallon, to emphasize the impact of public transportation. Today with gas prices fluctuating, it is a perfect time to give transit a try!

APTA says that 87 percent of public transit trips directly impact the economy, making public transportation a vital resource to America by helping communities become economically competitive. For every $1 invested in public transportation, $4 is repaid in economic returns.

Public transportation not only helps communities grow and prosper – it also helps residents save money. According to the April APTA Transit Savings Report​​, individuals in a two-person household can save an average of more than $10,063 annually by downsizing to one car.

Celebrate Dump the Pump on June 21 by taking public transportation. You’ll save money and help our economy grow - we can even help you find your best transit option.

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