Week-long initiative encourages commuters to switch up their commutes and discover the benefits of riding transit. 

ATLANTA – (September 13, 2018) – Georgia Commute Options, a program managed by the Atlanta Regional Commission, is encouraging local commuters to Try Transit in a week-long initiative, September 17th – 21st, 2018. Try Transit encourages commuters to try one of the many transit options around the metro area, including MARTA, Xpress, CobbLinc, Gwinnett County Transit and the Cherokee Area Transit Service. 

Transit commutes reduce the numbers of cars on the road, improving congestion and air quality, and are less stressful than car commutes. Riders are relieved of driving responsibilities, allowing them to work, read, and even rest during their commute. 

In a recent survey, Atlanta Regional Commission found that 16 percent of people live within a five-minute walk from a transit stop, but only three percent take a transit commute. This indicates the opportunity to grow the use of transit in metro Atlanta. 

“The Atlanta region is now home to 4.5 million residents with more than 75,000 new residents added from April 1, 2017 to April 1, 2018.,” said Malika Reed Wilkins, PhD., Managing Director of Georgia Commute Options. “Even with the additional road capacity being built for the future, commuters need to leverage clean commute options, like transit, to reduce congestion and improve regional air quality.” 

Metro Atlanta has a variety of transit options that are cost effective, reduce stress, and maximize riders’ time. Commuters can find a transit provider that serves their area and map possible routes using ATL Transit. Additionally, there are Park ’n’ Ride lots at many of the region’s bus and rail stations, offering convenient parking for transit commuters. 

Transit buses can ride in Express Lanes, like the new Northwest Corridor Express Lanes, at no additional cost to passengers. Four Park ‘n’ Ride lots are located along the Northwest Corridor Express Lanes, providing a new transit option to Cobb and Cherokee county commuters. These commuters can begin enjoying a new, faster transit commute today. 

Beyond the intrinsic benefits of transit commutes, Georgia Commute Options offers commuters cash incentives to try a new commute. Eligible commuters can earn $5 a day – up to $150 – when they try a clean commute option, including transit, carpooling, walking, biking and teleworking. See if you’re eligible and register for the program today. 

About Georgia Commute Options 

Georgia Commute Options, a program managed by the Atlanta Regional Commission and funded through the Georgia Department of Transportation, works with employers, commuters and schools to encourage drivers who ride alone to make the switch to a commute alternative such as riding transit, teleworking, carpooling, vanpooling, walking and/or biking, with the ultimate goal of reducing congestion and the emissions that contribute to smog pollution. For more information, visit and follow Georgia Commute Options on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The Georgia Commute App to log commutes is available for download via the App Store or Google Play. 


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