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A major highlight for the year for the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) and Georgia Commute Options was our participation in the 2022 ACT TDM Forum, a two-day transportation demand management (TDM) seminar from the Association for Commuter Transportation. The team met with industry peers in a thought-exchange around recent research and case studies on trending transportation and mobility issues. This event put Atlanta on the map as a shining example of what TDM progress can look like, and we are thrilled we could be a part of it. Here are our top three highlights from the two-day event!

1. ARC Beams as ‘Outstanding MPO’ as part of the 2022 ACT TDM Excellence Awards

It’s no secret that Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) has spent many years leveraging resources to help businesses and employees normalize clean commuting options—both through their stewardship of the Georgia Commute Options Program and their funding and partnerships with local Transportation Management Association partners. This year, their work has been recognized with nominations in two categories, and a win for this year’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) TDM Excellence Award.

Through 2050, Atlanta will continue to experience population and employment growth, as well as a demographic shift as younger and older populations increase. As a result of this growth, congested vehicle hours traveled are also expected to increase by approximately 110%. If left unchecked, residents could experience reduced quality of life with few travel options, as well as adverse effects on health and the environment.

ARC is proactively leading research and initiatives that ensures the region can keep pace as transportation and mobility evolve rapidly. One strategy has been through the management of the Georgia Commute Options program, which as supported the region’s commuters and employers for more than two decades. ARC has also taken on a planning effort to update the Atlanta Regional TDM Plan, which will increase the focus on the mobility needs of all residents and refine strategies that can combat commute challenges in the community head-on. 

“We are honored to receive this award from ACT as acknowledgement for all of the work we do in the metro Atlanta Region to enhance mobility, reduce stress and better our communities,” said Roz Tucker, Managing Director for ARC’s Mobility Services Group, which oversees the Georgia Commute Options program. “Developing strategic relationships is ensuring that we are able to reach more people each day and capitalize on new technologies.”

2. Demonstrating Thought Leadership Through Forum’s Seminars

Atlanta had great representation throughout the conference, applying both innovative and tried-and-true approaches to emerging transportation and mobility challenges. The conference included a keynote address from renowned urbanist and “brain” behind Atlanta’s beloved Beltline trail, Ryan Gravel. The Forum also convened experts and practitioners in panel discussions on transportation policy, university commuting challenges, equity and more engaged participation. Several representatives from ARC and Georgia Commute Options spoke about our TDM efforts and recent successes around the region. Henry County’s Transportation Planning Director Sam Baker spoke alongside ARC’s Bennett Foster, Jill Goldberg and Joel Wascher about how communities can collaborate on TDM strategies to create a shared vision for mobility in their communities. Over the last year and a half, Henry County and its four cities have done just that, working with ARC and Georgia Commute Options to become partners and bring important commuting services to their government workers.

Bennett Foster also spoke about applying behavior change principals to advance TDM programs, with a focus on the success of GCO’s Biketober and its role in supporting trips made to and from the workplace and beyond. commuting to the office. And finally, ARC’s Roz Tucker, the managing director of the Georgia Commute Options program, spoke about how the program engages the Atlanta region’s diversity through more inclusive strategies for more equitable outcomes. Way to go to the team for showcasing the work our region is doing together on the national stage!

3. Active Transportation Tours Showcase Atlanta’s Strengths, Diversity

In addition to the forum seminars, ARC and the Georgia Commute Options team helped coordinate two tours for visiting attendees to showcase a new way of seeing the city. This included the “Only in Atlanta” biking tour with help from our partner Love to Ride, as well as the “Atlanta History and Culture WALKING Tour,” hosted by Civil Bikes and ACT’s DEI Committee. Thanks to our partners for making this happen and showcasing Atlanta’s hidden gems and what makes Atlanta so great!

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