Telework During COVID-19

Where possible, the CDC continues to encourage businesses to allow their employees to telework. Whether you plan to continue telework as a regular business practice or simply establish it as a business continuity plan going forward, we have resources to help.

Teleworker Tips

  • Communicate regularly with your team
  • Keep a routine and stick to your regular work hours, if you can, to still keep that separation of work and home time
  • Stay active by completing a home workout or taking a walk during the day
  • Have a plan but be flexible with it – there may be more distractions at home now than usual, and that’s okay!
  • Take breaks to avoid burnout
  • Check in with your employer about getting additional materials (a monitor, wireless mouse, etc.) to make your telework environment more sustainable long-term

Employer Tips

  • Continue to have your employees telework, if possible
  • Invest in technology that facilitates remote collaboration
  • Establish a formal telework program, if you haven’t already
  • Identify and address any issues with your telework program, such as technology shortcomings, to prevent declines in productivity
  • Set clear expectations that are result-oriented
  • Adjust your parking pricing model to allow commuters to pay daily rather than monthly if some of your workforce is teleworking at least some of the time

Telework Quick Start Guide

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