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Go Your Way with the New MyGCO App!

Taking cleaner trips is way healthier and more rewarding than driving alone, especially with the new MyGCO app! By taking clean commutes to and from your workplace you’re helping reduce the amount of traffic on the road and improve our region’s air quality – on top of earning daily rewards. Find out how easy taking commute alternatives can be with the MyGCO app.

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Earn Cash and Win Prizes

Whether you are carpooling, vanpooling, riding transit or teleworking, logging these commute alternatives is easier than ever with our MyGCO app. So sit back, enjoy your ride, and log commutes to earn points that can be used towards thousands of prizes. Rewards you can earn includes through myGCO:

  • Gimme Five – Take and log a clean commute to earn $5 a day (up to $150 over a 90-day period).
  • $25 prize – Log your clean commutes to be automatically entered to win a $25 cash prize each month. The more trips you log, the better your chances of winning!
  • Commuteperks – Unlock discounts for popular local and national businesses when you log a minimum of 5 days of clean commutes per month.

Plan & Log Daily Trips

Our app allows you to plan your commute to work. Gain real-time insights about your routes to help better schedule your trips. You can also save regular commutes to easily log trips for cash and prizes, and view your ride history whenever you want.

Find Ride Matches

Want to share the ride? Get matched with commuters who live and work near you! You can find carpools going your way, look for any vanpools running nearby, and find the best transit option. You can use our matching service to find a buddy to bike, take transit, or walk with too!

Set Trips to Auto-Record

Log trips faster with our convenient auto-record feature, allowing you to automatically record your typical commutes for up to 30 days at a time. You’ll get an email every 30 days asking you to confirm or update your recurring trips.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Stay ready with a GRH! If an unexpected event occurs, you can redeem up to 5 Uber rides home or to a designated park and ride lot from work each year. Even better? You’ll receive access to your first ride as soon as you create an account, enroll in myGCO, and log your first clean trip. Learn more about GRH and how to redeem rides.

Download the MyGCO app now from your phone’s app store and start earning rewards the minute you sign up. Once you have the app, click here for a step-by-step guide on how to register your myGCO account.

Download the app and get started today!

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