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Reduce Air Pollution

Your Commute + Air Quality

Whether you carpool, work from home or choose a different form of transportation – you can start to drive real change in air quality when you don’t drive alone. 

Photo of buildings and trees in Allen Plaza located in Downtown Atlanta.

Understanding Air Quality + Polution

According to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division, mobile sources like vehicles and construction equipment contribute to pollution in Georgia, especially in the Atlanta Metro area. Some of the main pollutants impacting our air quality are:

  • Nitrogen Oxides (NOXs): 99% are man-made, mostly from vehicle emissions, and the concentration becomes worse with traffic congestion.
  • Particulate Matter/Particle Pollution: Microscopic particles in the air which come from vehicle emissions, trees, construction debris, forest fires, and more.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): Comes from anything that smells like aerosols, perfumes, etc., or are naturally occurring from pine trees. Also generated from paint, chemicals, solvents, and (you guessed it) vehicle emissions.

How We Get Smog

In Georgia, the main pollutant concern comes from ground level o-zone in metro Atlanta. VOCs and NOXs + heat and sunlight = Ground Level Ozone When Ground Level Ozone is mixed with Particulate Matter, we get our dreaded foe: Smog.

Smog Alerts

We distribute Smog Alerts on days when there’s a forecast for air pollution to reach concentration levels of Code Orange or higher. Get Smog Alerts delivered right to your inbox.

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