Commute Calculator

How much does your commute cost?

The Commute Calculator shows the total cost of your commute and how much you can save by choosing a clean commute alternative (carpooling or riding transit).

Drive Alone Costs:

Carpool to work?

A. One-way commute distance: mi G. My carpool size: people
B. Work days per month: days

Transit To Work?

C. My vehicle’s MPG: mpg H. Distance to Park ‘n’ Ride: mi
D. My fuel cost: $/gal I. Daily Park ‘n’ Ride cost: $
E. Estimated maintenance cost: $/mi
F. My monthly parking cost: $

Estimated Annual Cost of Commuting Estimated Annual Savings vs Driving alone
Drive Alone: $0.00
Carpool: $0.00 Carpool: $0.00
Transit: $0.00 Transit: $0.00
Actual costs may vary based on type of vehicle, individual driving habits, and other factors. The figures used in this calculator were derived based on the average maintenance and depreciation costs of driving a vehicle. For more details on the source of this data, refer to the Automobile Association of America’s “Your Driving Costs 2018” (PDF). Transit costs are based on a $100 average cost for monthly transit passes in the Atlanta region.