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Ridematching Features

Plan your commute to work and find carpools going your way with MyGCO’s enhanced carpool matching technology that makes ridesharing convenient and accessible.

  • Quick & easy – create a new carpool or rideshare route within seconds
  • Find matches – access smart ridematching tools right from your dashboard
  • Send messages – easily communicate with other rideshare drivers and passengers from within the platform
  • Get rewarded – plan routes, track costs, participate in challenges and incentive programs, and more!

Get Started!

If you’re ready to roll, the first step is to enter your start and destination locations. Available carpools will be listed to the right. Customize your commute with MyGCO!

  • Set your preference as a rider or a driver
  • Choose your schedule (weekdays, any days, custom)
  • Select your trip type (one time or daily)
  • Filter by employer networks

MyGCO Toolkit

Get all your questions answered! Download the MyGCO Toolkit, our comprehensive how-to guide for using the platform.


How to Create a Trip in the MyGCO app

Earn Rewards

Carpool Rewards Program

Each member of your carpool can now earn a monthly cash reward by participating in the program. You and your carpool must log at least 8 days a month. The size of the reward increases based on the carpool size as follows:

  • 2-person carpools earn $10 each
  • 3-person carpools earn $15 each
  • 4-person carpools earn $20 each

Guaranteed Ride Home

When the unexpected strikes, you can redeem up to 5 rides home or to a designated park and ride lot from work each year. You will receive access to your first ride after you log your first clean commute trip. Then, simply log 8 days of clean commuting to unlock your next trip.


$25 Prize

By logging your clean commute trips, you’re automatically entered to win a $25 cash prize each month. Increase your chances of winning by logging more trips!

Commute Perks

Log 5 days of clean commuting per month to be a member of Commute Perks! Find nearby and online discounts for all your favorite restaurants, shops, and destinations.

Find a Carpool Partner

We can match you with more than 20,000 potential carpoolers interested in sharing the ride.

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Guaranteed Ride Home

Get up to 5 free rides home or to your car from work each year if an unexpected event occurs.