Biking & Walking Resources

Biking and walking are important transportation modes in our area. Whether completing a short trip or accessing another form of transit for longer ones, biking and walking are easy alternatives to driving.

Organizations supporting biking and walking efforts

  • Atlanta Bicycle Coalition – A member-based nonprofit advocate for better bicycling in Atlanta. The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition offers bike safety classes where you can learn safe methods of riding on the road and in traffic. Find out which organization serves your area to schedule these classes.
  • Atlanta BeltLine – A development effort providing a network of parks, multi-use trails, and transit along a historic 22-mile railroad corridor connecting 45 intown neighborhoods.
  • Atlanta Regional Commission – The Atlanta Regional Commission is the regional planning and coordination agency for the Atlanta region. Here you can find information for the Safe Streets for Walking and Bicycling program and learn more about pedestrian, bike, trail and transit-access projects.
  • Cycle Atlanta – Developed by Georgia Tech, working closely with the Atlanta Regional Commission and the City of Atlanta, this free app uses your phone’s GPS to record your bike routes in real-time, allowing the City of Atlanta to know which routes cyclists prefer. The app allows users to report problems along the way such as potholes or obstructed bike lanes.
  • The PATH Foundation – A nonprofit organization that works to develop trails and linear parks.
  • Atlanta Track Club – Find walking/running routes in the Metro Atlanta area. You can also find running groups to participate in.
  • PEDS – An advocacy organization dedicated to making Metro Atlanta safe and accessible for all pedestrians.
  • Georgia Bikes – An advocacy organization working to promote cycling and improved cycling conditions throughout the state.
  • Georgia DOT Bike and Pedestrian Program – Offers technical assistance, engineering, and planning guidance, public information, and educational materials and programs for cyclists and walkers.

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