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In metro Atlanta, more than 600,000 commuters are using telework as their preferred (non)commute option. More and more employers today are looking at telework, compressed work weeks, and flextime as part of a larger business strategy that can yield facility cost savings, improved employee engagement, increased productivity and morale, and enhanced retention and recruitment. Our flexwork consultant team has decades of experience in helping companies customize their remote and hybrid work programs to best suit their unique circumstance.

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Whether you want to create a brand new program, tune-up and improve a current one, or even quickly implement a program for short-term use, we provide consulting services that focus on removing barriers, program design and implementation support.

Take advantage of our expertise and one-on-one services – available at no cost to metro Atlanta employers – by emailing your name, work zip code, and employer name to or filling out our Contact form.

    Meet Our Flexwork Consulting Team

    If your company is interested in hybrid, telework and other flexwork arrangements, we offer free consultations from recognized industry leaders, Elham Shirazi and Robin Mack. With a combined 50-plus years of experience, our team specializes in creating, implementing and evaluating flexwork programs for organizations nationwide, including companies in Metro Atlanta.

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    Elham Shirazi

    Elham Shirazi has more than 38 years of experience in developing telework and flexible scheduling programs. With unmatched expertise in evaluating the impacts of telework and flexible scheduling on employers, employees, and trip reduction, Elham has developed resource materials, conducted training workshops, and worked with hundreds of employers in implementing successful flexwork programs.

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    Robin Mack

    With more than 17 years of telework consulting experience, Robin Mack is the award-winning CEO of Mack Global LLC. She began her career as a Telework Program Manager for a Virginia State Agency more than 20 years ago. The program won the Governor’s Award for the Best Telework Initiative in the State of Virginia. Since then, she has worked with many employers all over the country and trained thousands of employees on telework programs and best practices.

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