Love My Bus Month

February 1-29, 2024

Love My Bus Month celebrates the school bus and the role it plays to help reduce air pollution in our region.

This Love My Bus Month, GCS is offering fun activities and prizes for schools can celebrate the role that buses play!

Love My Bus Day Encouragement Event

Schools will encourage bus ridership on a certain day of the month and track car and bus ridership to determine the effectiveness of the event. Love My Bus Day is designed for students traveling to and from school and encourages safe bus ridership on the school’s event day.

Love My Bus Month Projects

The Love My Bus classroom projects encourage students to display through video, written, and picture pieces the importance of riding the bus and improving air quality.

How can GCS help?

Georgia Commute Schools has prepared materials to help you promote school bus safety in your district, school, and classroom, including a toolkit with:

Activity ideas and safety tips flyers, one targeted at grades K-5 and one for grades 6-12.

A printable bus safety tips sign to help you remind everyone of the importance of bus safety.

A bus reading list that you can use in your reading programs.

Plus, download a social media post image, to share your encouragement around riding the bus safely.

All this, plus get free prizes and certificates for your class or school!

For more information and to share how you use these materials, email us at!

The Yellow School Bus is Going Green