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Tax Benefits

You could use a break.

Georgia employers have saved millions in taxes by helping their employees use commute alternatives. Taking advantage of these benefits is easy, and programs can be set up at any time.

Commuter Choice Tax Benefits

The Commuter Choice tax benefits program, based on Section 132(f) of the federal tax code, allows employers to offer employees a variety of financial incentives for using alternative commute modes. Section 132(f) covers transit, vanpool and bicycle benefits as well as qualified parking.

State Income Tax Credit for Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits

Employers can receive an annual $25 tax credit for each employee that utilizes a federal qualified transportation fringe benefit. Employees must use the commute alternative at least 10 times per month to qualify. This tax credit, provided by Code 48-7-29.3, is open to employers that pay State of Georgia corporate income tax and provide transit pass subsidies or vanpool subsidies for employees. For more information, email your name, work zip code and employer name to

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