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Georgia Commute Schools

Who we are

Georgia Commute Schools is here to help you find a better way to get to school or work — by carpooling, riding the bus, walking or biking. Getting to school this way can result in fewer cars in the school zone — which means a shorter car-rider line and healthier air for everyone! We offer curriculum resources and on-site guidance for giving your school a transportation makeover.

Plus, when teachers and parents share rides to work, they can save money, reduce stress, make better use of their time, and win cash and prizes.

What do we offer?

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Schools and teachers are focused on putting students first. Georgia Commute Schools can help with the rest.

We can design responsive lesson plans and curriculum resources as well as collaborate on STEM accreditations and Green Ribbon applications. We can facilitate professional development sessions around Project Based Learning (PBL) for teachers. All of our curriculum and development materials are written by teachers, for teachers to help students.

We can analyze your transportation options and help you get students to school in the safest and healthiest way possible — the more students ride the bus, the less dangerous traffic builds up around your school.

Plus, we know that teachers often reach into their own pocket to get the resources necessary to help students learn. We want to put some money back into your teachers’ wallets! If your teachers start taking a clean commute, they can earn up to $150, participate in $25 gift card raffles, and become eligible for monthly $40 or $60 gas cards. Teachers who carpool are teachers who collaborate!

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