Active Commuting During COVID-19

Active commuting can be a great way to stay fit and maintain social distancing while commuting to your worksite. Here are some tips if you’re considering biking or walking to work.

Commuter Tips

  • Plan your route in advance
  • Practice social distancing on paths and trails
  • Avoid touching public surfaces whenever possible
  • If you’re new to active commuting, practice biking or walking your route in advance
  • Be prepared – bring appropriate weather gear and bring personal hygiene items to freshen up when you arrive at work
  • Bring a face mask in case you unexpectedly need to take transit or another shared commute because of a flat tire or weather
  • Consider investing in a good backpack or waterproof on-bike pack to carry your things more easily

Employer Tips

  • Add bike racks or a designated, secure space for bike storage at your worksite
  • If you provide a transit stipend or free parking, consider providing a similar stipend for active commuters
  • If possible, provide shower facilities for employees (and make sure they are properly disinfected per the CDC’s guidance)

Biking and Walking Resources

Search organizations supporting biking and walking efforts.

Cycling During Coronavirus

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