By implementing a formal telework program at your business, you can help your employees skip their commute altogether. The less time they are spending in traffic, the more productive they can be.

A Productive Business Strategy

Telework is a business strategy that improves employee productivity by allowing workers to skip the stressful, time-consuming commute. It also helps leverage cost savings and improve worker morale.

Telework for Business Continuity

A formal telework plan can keep your business moving forward when employees are working remotely. In fact, it can even help employees be more productive during the work day by eliminating their need to commute altogether. Here are some of the elements of a formal telework plan that contribute to business continuity:

  • It identifies clear expectations for teleworkers and telemanagers
  • It provides consistency from the office to the remote work space
  • It helps you to measure succcess

Strategies for business continuity are especially important in this period of social distancing as a result of COVID-19. Do you need some help starting or improving a formal telework program? We have resources to help.

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