To Our Transit Workers on the Frontlines: Thank you.

Transit workers are providing essential mobility services to ensure that residents all over the region can get to the grocery store, go to their shift at the hospital and pick up their prescriptions. That’s why we want to say to all those workers: thank you.

We know that being on the frontlines during this pandemic is difficult and stressful for our regions transit workers. And that’s why we want to recognize them for all they do. Here are some of the brave faces of those people who are continuing their work at our transit agencies during the pandemic:

Shawn Leavell, Rail Operator at MARTA
Marilyn at MARTA
Coretin Auguin, Bus Stop Planner at MARTA
"I’m a seasoned mechanic who’s worked on the property for years. I am needed to make sure all company vehicles are in compliance and safe to be on the road." - Lavelle Logan, Maintenance Technician at Cobb County Transit
Tina Bibbs, Bus Operator at MARTA
Eric Mapp, Bus Operator at MARTA
"We are needed to ensure our passengers get to their destinations on time and safely. The company is doing the best that they can at keeping the buses and common areas clean." - Adel Babatunde, Driver at Cobb County Transit
"I am here to help serve others essential workers, my elders and those many without transportation during this pandemic. Taking all measures of precautions on being safe for me and my passengers during these difficult times. ❤" -Kawanis Okoye, Bus Operator at MARTA
"My job is very important. If there are no drivers then there’s no one operating the vehicles then patrons wouldn’t have access to public transportation to get to point A and B." -John Madkins, Bus Operator at Cobb County Transit
Larry Babb, Facilities Serviceperson for MARTA
Ariel at MARTA
"I am an essential worker. As such, it is important for me to stay safe and healthy. I follow all guidelines provided by the company to protect myself and the public from Covid-19." - Thomas Grenshaw, Driver at Cobb County Transit
"As a dispatcher, I advise operators to use Universal Precautions and social distancing. It is important for us to educate operators on preventive measures." - Dontrella McDonald-Holter, Paratransit Driver at Cobb County Transit
“The Covid-19 Pandemic has been a trying time for all. I love what I do, and I’m here every day to ensure my passengers get to and from their destinations safe, practicing social distancing. We're in this together, continue to stay safe.” -Toeniku Mann, Bus Operator at MARTA
Valerie Day, Bus Operator at MARTA
"I preach safety measures to operators daily: from defensive driving to now Covid-19 precautionary measures. As essential workers it is important for all of us to remain safe and healthy so that we can continue providing transportation services to the community." -Bryan Brookins, Road Supervisor at Cobb County Transit

How can you help to support our transit workers?

Transit employees are doing fundamental work to keep the region going in spite of the emergency. So, if you are wondering what you can do to help support them, here are just a few ways:

  • If you know someone who is a transit worker, or any other form of essential worker, offer to pick up their groceries.
  • If you must take transit, wear a face covering.
  • Do not ride transit if you are sick.
  • And, if you can, please stay at home. It helps to minimize the risk of spreading disease and keeps workers like Dontrella and Bryan safe.