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You’ve made the switch. You’ve chosen to bike to work in an effort to take a healthier, environmentally-friendly commute option. While investing in the coolest helmet, biking shoes and cycling accessories to keep your bike looking stylish may be top of your list, keep your bike in top shape with a few beginner maintenance tips.

  1. Keep the drivetrain clean – That annoying rattling sound you hear as someone rides past you is actually metal rubbing against metal, grime and mud. It isn’t cheap to replace the chain and sprockets, so save yourself some money by regularly cleaning and lubricating the drivetrain.
  2. Keep your tires inflated – One of the top three things that effects the quality of your bike ride is tire pressure. If the pressure is too low, you may end up with a flat tire, especially when hitting a curb hard. Invest in a floor pump with pressure gauge and check your tire pressure at least every two weeks.
  3. Keep the nuts and bolts tight, but not too tight – Lose a screw, nut or bolt on your bike and you’ll end up with annoying rattling sounds your entire commute home.
  4. Adjust your brakes correctly – Being able to stop when you want/need to is pretty important, but that can be easier said than done if your brakes are out of whack. Test out your brakes by pulling the brake lever. If it touches the handlebar, adjust your brake pads closer to the rim. Be sure to keep your brake pads and braking surface clear of oil and dirt to avoid premature wear.
  5. Learn how to fix a flat tire – With two plastic tire rims, the right “how-to” video and some patience, you can become an expert in fixing a flat tire.

Whether you’re new to biking or an experienced cyclist, we’ve got a full list of local metro Atlanta organizations you can tap into for your future bike commuting needs:

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