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Sign up for the 11th annual Biketober challenge to experience the joy of biking while riding for the chance to win amazing prizes, including an Edison Electric Bike! Participants can ride solo, join a workplace team, or create a team of friends and family.

Biketober, sponsored by Georgia Commute Options (GCO), kicks off its monthlong celebration on October 1. The challenge encourages metro Atlantans to hop on their bikes, forge new connections, and score prizes.

Participants earn points for every mile they log, every day they ride, and every person they encourage to participate, improving their chances to win big throughout the month.

New Rider? Perfect Opportunity!

Biketober is not only for experienced cyclists but also an excellent opportunity for beginners to learn more about biking and join a supportive community. Throughout Biketober, if you are a first-time rider wanting to learn more about biking, we have some great opportunities for you to get started. You can join a FREE class from Propel ATL, a nonprofit organization that works with GCO to promote safer and more inclusive streets for biking, walking, and rolling. You can also visit the Biketober website, which offers tips on basic repairs, gearing up, picking a route, and much more. And if you are ready to hit the trails, you can check out the maps our partners at the PATH Foundation have created.

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes

Do you like prizes? We do! This is what you could win by participating in Biketober:

  • Early Bird Prize: $1,000 Airbnb Gift Card!
  • Grand Prize: An Edison Electric Bike!
  • 2x Pairs of annual passes to Ponce City Roof
  • RollR Cooler and Tow Kit
  • Entry to win a $50 Visa gift card by logging rides
  • A chance to win a $20 Visa gift card by logging your first bike trip as a new rider
  • Encourager gift cards for referring friends, family and coworkers

Don’t forget – you earn points for every mile you log, every day you ride, and every person you recruit, which will increase your chances of winning big all month.

Get Fit and Go Green

Whether commuting to work or simply going for a joyride, participants will enjoy the many health benefits of biking. Cycling helps reduce weight and body fat, lowers cholesterol, and improves coordination and mobility. And as a low-impact aerobic exercise, it’s suitable for all skill levels.

In addition to health benefits, biking is good for the environment. By biking instead of driving during Biketober, participants are contributing to a cleaner, greener metro Atlanta.

Register, Gear Up and Go

So, what are you waiting for? Register at and join thousands of other cyclists making a difference in metro Atlanta while pedaling for a chance to win amazing prizes! A specially commissioned trophy created by Tiny Doors Atlanta will recognize the top employers, the top rider by points, the top new rider by points, and the top encourager.

To learn more about and register for the challenge, visit or join us at events scheduled throughout the metro area. Check back regularly for updates about new events in your area.