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The GCO team presented prizes, including trophies, to the following first-place finishers.

Georgia Tech (2,000+ Staff)

Warmer weather paved the way for longer rides and contributed to Georgia Tech’s win this year, said Campus Transportation Planner Lisa Safstrom. She noted the Biketober victory was an honor for both the bike team and university community, as it reaffirms the importance of sustainable transportation. Still, she added, “We want to inspire more people to ride, not just for the month of October but year-round.”

Environmental Protection Division (500-1,999)

This year’s Biketober carried more meaning for the winning team at the Environmental Protection Division (EPD). The team named the group “The Last Ride” to salute participants retiring from the agency, EPD employee William Logan said. Although the last ride for some, the rest of the group is setting its sights on next year’s event. Its winning formula? More consistency, added encouragement, elevated goals, and longer rides.

Atlanta Regional Commission (200-499)

When it comes to the Biketober Challenge, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) doesn’t just show up. It shows up big. “We have a sizeable group of team members that participate every year,” Marketing Manager Joel Wascher said of ARC’s 30-member bike team. Beyond size, Wascher attributes the team’s success to ARC’s steadfast commitment to sustainability and clean commute options, which is advanced regionally by the ARC-managed Georgia Commute Options (GCO), the event’s sponsor.

REI-Kennesaw (50-199)

REI-Kennesaw scored its second first-place finish in as many years. A healthy dose of co-worker camaraderie and encourager points helped propel the team’s overall standing this year, said Retail Sales Manager Travis Johnson. But he added the team won’t rest on its laurels, with plans in place to get more people to participate for a third consecutive win. “Year three, here we come,” he said. “We ride at dawn!”

Trees Atlanta (20-49)

Not surprisingly, going green is a big part of Trees Atlanta’s culture, but winning first place in Biketober after several years of competing didn’t just happen. The company’s growing workforce means more people are participating, and its new location along the BeltLine makes commuting by bike more convenient, said Program Logistics Manager Louie Lewis.

Stability Engineering (7-19)

The Stability Engineering team has participated in Biketober for more than four years. Winning the first-place trophy this year was cause for celebration – and a little light-hearted humor. Team leader and staff engineer Thomas Teichmann said he and his colleagues made competing in Biketober a benchmark for keeping their jobs. “If we don’t win … you’re out of a job,” he said jokingly.

BLDGS Architects (1-6)

For BLDGS Architects employee Clay Kiningham, Biketober seemed like a good excuse to pressure his partners into joining the challenge. That peer pressure paid off. The team earned first place in this year’s competition and forged a connection that will likely propel participation in next year’s event, Kiningham said. “I mean we had so much fun this year!”

Second- and third-place workplace finishers

Second place

  • Emory University (2,000+ Staff)
  • Georgia Gwinnett College (500-1,999)
  • Square Atlanta (200-499)
  • REI-Atlanta (50-199)
  • TSW (20-49)
  • Servidyne (7-19)
  • Legacy Parking (1-6)

Third place

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2,000+ Staff)
  • Hewlett-Packard (500-1,999)
  • City of Decatur (200-499)
  • REI-Perimeter (50-199)
  • El Tesoro (20-49)
  • SK Collaborative (7-19)
  • Plan B Productions (1-6)

2023 was one of our best Biketobers yet! We thank every rider who took part and hope that it encouraged you to ride more than you otherwise would have. Cheers to a great year and here’s hoping that 2024 is even better!

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