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Super Bowl LIII is right around the corner. No doubt it will be a week to remember for Atlanta and all the visitors, but for the daily drivers it might mean extra frustration getting to work.  Thousands of visitors will soon descend on the region, jamming local streets and adding to the congestion that commuters experience every day. Numerous lane and street closures are planned around The Benz and beyond due to related festivities across Atlanta.

The Big Game promises to be a windfall for many of Metro Atlanta’s businesses, but the associated traffic has a real cost as well. For residents and commuters, this means finding ways to navigate an already tricky commute. For the region’s companies, this increase in congestion has a real cost in productivity; when staff is battling their commute, they’re not getting work done. Luckily there is an organization that is here to help those who are looking for an alternative. For commuters, we are here to help you find another option to driving alone that can work for you. Not only that, but we’ll pay you to make that change.

Share the ride

Whether you ride transit, carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or work from home, Georgia Commute Options will reward you for trading in your solo commute.

Gimme $5- Earn $5/day, up to $150 over a 90-day period for making the switch.

$25 Prizes- Log you clean commutes to be entered into monthly drawings for $25 gift cards.

$40-$60 gas cards- Earn gas cards for logging carpool commutes.

Guaranteed Ride Home- When the unexpected happens, Georgia Commute Options will pay for your ride home.

Learn more about these programs here.

Work it

For businesses looking to maintain productivity, this is just the right time to get serious about telework as a valuable component to your business continuity plan. You’re in luck! Georgia Commute Options has worksite advisors that can help tailor a program that will work for your company.

No company is the same, but there are some general guidelines that can help put your organization on the right track to successfully implementing a telework program that not only provides your employees with the benefits of telework, but also yields positive results for you as the employer. We are happy to share these resources to get you going in the right direction.

Flexwork Services Overview:

Starting from scratch? No problem! From compressed work weeks to telework there is a flexwork program that can help almost every worksite. Click here for your one-stop-shop for information on flexwork programs and the benefits.

Telework Formalization:

Maybe you’ve had an informal telework program but you’re thinking about making it a little more structured.

If you’d like to take the next step in setting up your flexwork program, email us at or call us at 404-656-4270 and one of our worksite advisors can help you tailor a flexwork program to fit your organization.