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As the Atlanta region’s workforce continues to evolve, hybrid schedules have become more prevalent. Now, employers face new challenges in providing efficient and sustainable commuting options for their employees.

Carpooling remains a popular choice, offering benefits like reduced traffic congestion and cost savings.

Here we will cover four effective strategies employers can implement to plan a customized carpool program that adapts to evolving workday variables.

1. Assess Employee Needs and Preferences

Understanding the specific needs and preferences of your employees is vital for designing a successful carpool program. 

Conduct surveys or hold discussions to gather information on commuting patterns, schedules, and locations. 

This data will help you identify potential carpool groups and determine the most suitable program structure for your workforce.

A Georgia Commute Options outreach consultant can help your company customize a free program for your workplace and do the heavy lifting for you. Learn more here.

2. Prioritize and Adapt to Hybrid Schedules

Hybrid work is becoming a more popular option among the workforce due to its flexibility, autonomy and work-life balance benefits. 

To remain competitive, companies must ensure that their talent acquisition strategy evolves with candidate preferences. That means tailoring a carpool program to accommodate those employees who split their time between remote work and office work. 

As reported by Forbes, a whopping 98% of workers expressed the desire to have a work schedule with some sort of hybrid structure built in.

Encourage carpool groups to establish flexible schedules that align with the days employees are physically present in the office. 

The GA Commute App enables seamless coordination among carpool members, facilitating adjustments and ensuring a smooth transition between remote and office days.

3. Offer Incentives and Benefits Exclusive to Carpooling

To encourage participation and promote the tangible benefits of carpooling, consider offering unique incentives and rewards. These can include preferred parking spaces for carpool groups, reduced parking fees, gift cards or even cash incentives. 

With fewer cars on the road, everyone can get to where they’re going faster, and you don’t have to rely solely on public transport.

4. Provide Ongoing Support and Promotion

Maintaining employee engagement requires continuous support and promotion of the carpool program. Regularly communicate the benefits of carpooling through internal channels, newsletters, blogs and employee meetings. Sharing success stories from active participants will inspire others to take part and create a sense of community. 

Georgia Commute Options offers employer services, including educational materials, marketing resources and access to transportation experts who can provide guidance and assistance in promoting and sustaining the carpool program.

And the best part? We do it all for free.

Check out our employer resources for more information about how we can make newly implemented programs easy for you to integrate. 

Simplify Carpooling With Georgia Commute Options

It’s easier than ever to match with other individuals traveling to the same location and enjoy the many benefits of carpooling.

Georgia Commute Options assists businesses with creating carpooling options for their staff to have reliable, more cost-effective ways of getting to work.

These services are made available at no cost to metro Atlanta employers. We achieve this by providing resources and consulting services that focus on removing barriers to arriving to work, designing effective programs and supporting policy implementation. 

Ready to give your employees a better way to get to work?

Let Georgia Commute Options help.

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