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This year, countless families are preparing to greet our family and friends in-person for the holidays for the first time in many months. And while the most important gift for us all this holiday season is spending time with our loved ones, if you need some go-to gift ideas, we’ve got you covered.

For the Teleworker (or stay-at-home parent!):

Espresso by Matt Hoffman
  • Espresso maker: For all your coffee-loving, hybrid work friends, an espresso maker is a great gift to help them turn their kitchen into their own coffee shop! Go classic with a stovetop espresso maker for a more budget-friendly option, or go full home-café with an espresso machine equipped with a milk steamer.
  • Slippers: As the temperatures drop, slippers can be a great gift to keep your favorite teleworker warm all year round without racking up major electricity bills. Plus, there are tons of options for every style and price point.
  • Desk organizer station: Help the teleworkers in your life to stay organized. A desk organizer can be a great way to help them keep all their important papers and chargers in one place.

For the Commuter or Hybrid Worker:

Lunch by Sandra Harris
  • Portable charger: For your favorite workers on the go, a portable charger is a great gift to keep them connected to their families and co-workers. With tons of options, ranging in size and charging capacity, you can pick what’s right for them!
  • Pet camera: for the nervous pet parent and teleworker returning to the office, give the gift of peace of mind with a home pet camera. Keep it simple and budget-friendly with a basic two-way audio camera or get fancy with a treat-dispensing option.
  • Insulated lunch box: A great option for the teleworker turned hybrid worker or for the full-time on-site worker. Check out classic styles of insulated lunchboxes from Hyrdoflask or whimsical designs from Monbento.

For your Favorite Teacher (and Other School Workers):

Person teaching in front of a whiteboard by Christina
  • Mask lanyard: A mask lanyard is a budget-friendly gift that can help your favorite teacher keep their mask close by in case of an unexpected drop-in from a student or administrator during their planning period or lunch break. Not just for teachers, this is a great gift for staff across the school, from bus drivers to cafeteria workers to classroom aides.
  • Wireless microphone: For teachers navigating a hybrid classroom, or even just for softer-spoken teachers, a wireless microphone can be a great gift to make sure that students, whether in the classroom or remote, can hear their lessons clearly.
  • Coffee shop gift card: Teachers are constantly on the go. An easy gift that can match your budget, no matter what it is, is a thoughtful gift card to a local coffee or tea shop. Especially as we enter the winter season, a warm cup of coffee or tea is a great way to show your appreciation!

For your Favorite Student:

Child reading with mask by Kelly Sikkema
  • Safety keychain: For the students in your life who are getting back to their regular after-school activities, consider gifting a safety keychain to help them and their family feel more secure, especially if they are traveling or staying home alone. Try options that send an emergency message and share their location in case of emergency, or opt for simpler options that sound an alarm.
  • A sound/white noise machine: For kids of all ages, the pandemic has been a major disrupter. Ease anxiety and worry and help students get the extra rest they need with a white noise machine.
  • A bicycle: If you’re looking for a splurge gift for the student in your life, consider investing in a bicycle! For younger students, it can help them build confidence and spark interest in cycling and health. For older students, it can be a great gift to build independence.

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