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In the Atlanta region, a daunting commute is more than just a daily inconvenience; it’s a significant factor that impacts employee morale and job loyalty. In a survey of metro Atlanta’s workforce from Georgia Commute Options, 60% of those surveyed see commuting as a barrier.

MyGCO, Metro Atlanta’s favorite commuting app powered by Georgia Commute Options, offers a refreshing solution to help employers in the region turn these commute woes into wins.

Not only does MyGCO connect employees with their best options for more environmentally-friendly commutes—whether it be transit, carpooling, biking, walking, or teleworking—it also rewards them for making greener commute choices.

MyGCO’s recent enhancements make it even easier for employers to offer exclusive commuting perks for their teams. Additionally, through MyGCO’s custom employer networks, companies now have the potential to enhance employee engagement and sustainability initiatives while also shaping a more motivated and connected community.

How MyGCO’s Employer Networks Work

When you partner with Georgia Commute Options through MyGCO, you’re gaining much more than just access to another digital tool. Your company can get its own unique slice of the network, designed to take your team’s commute from routine to rewarding. Here’s a look at what you can do with a custom employer network:

  1. Connect the Dots on Employee Commutes
    At the heart of the MyGCO app lies a powerful feature that seamlessly connects employees across the region who live nearby and travel in the same direction. This technology factors in commuting preferences and schedules to facilitate a variety of shared travel options—from carpools and vanpools to bike pools and walking groups. Additionally, with a company-specific network, colleagues can easily find each other for shared commutes.
  2. Commuting Perks with a Personal Touch
    All MyGCO users have access to a solid base of perks designed to enhance their daily commute, from cash rewards and hundreds of new discounts and deals to free back-up rides via the Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program for when the unexpected strikes. On top of it, you can work with Georgia Commute Options’ Worksite Advisors to setup your company network with more exclusive perks such as company swag, special discounts and unique gifts that truly resonate with your employees.
  3. Gain Commute Insights About Your Workforce
    One of the most valuable features of the MyGCO employer network is the access it provides to up-to-date data about commuting patterns for company employees. This includes details on the distribution of different commuting methods among your workforce, alternative trip distances, and more with 30-day, three-month, six-month, and 12-month reporting snapshots.
  4. See the Environmental and Financial Impact of Your Commuting Programs
    Through MyGCO, you can track the collective impact your company is making both on regional goals to move the needle on traffic congestion and air quality as well as the personal benefits for your employees. Your company’s specific network within MyGCO provides detailed insights into the individual and overall benefits of choosing alternative commuting options, including cost savings and health improvements. MyGCO automatically calculates key metrics such as carbon emission reductions, calories burned, and money saved. These insights help you gauge and optimize the success of your company’s commuter programs.

Reach Out to Get Your MyGCO Employer Network Started

Join other forward-thinking metro Atlanta employers in supporting a happier, more connected workforce by setting up a MyGCO employer network. Our Worksite Advisors are ready to help you tailor your commuter programs for maximum effectiveness.

Contact Georgia Commute Options today to begin transforming your approach to employee commutes. Let’s make every trip to work better and more sustainable.

Georgia Commute Options—a program made possible by the Atlanta Regional Commission and Georgia Department of Transportation—works with employers at no cost to develop commuter programs that move the needle on air quality in the Atlanta region. Let’s discuss how we can help.

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