Most vanpools are started at a worksite by a group of interested employees or tenants who live near each other and share a similar schedule. Georgia Commute Options and our partner organizations provide a number of incentives to save you money by offsetting the costs of starting and operating a vanpool. 

Refer another vanpool rider and you could earn an easy $50. You can find that application here.

And if you’re getting ready to leave your van because you’ve taken a new job or are retiring, we have something for you, too! If you can find a replacement rider, and apply to receive receive $100 after the new rider has completed three consecutive months with the van. 

Commute Calculator

Find the total cost of your commute and see how much you can save by choosing a clean commute alternative.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Get up to 5 free rides home or to your car from work each year if an unexpected event occurs.