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Have you been teleworking for months? Are you still not sure what looks are right for your telework style? We totally get it! Dressing for full-time telework can be challenging – what works on camera for your web calls? How do you balance comfort and style? We’ve set out to help you answer these questions!

Styling Your Best WFH Looks

  • Style to separate work and personal space. Working from home long-term can make work life and personal life feel all jumbled together. So, we suggest putting on something a little more buttoned up (even if it’s not quite as formal as what you’d wear to the office) to help you mentally make space for work time. Then, at the end of your workday, swap into your comfy clothes to help you decompress and find some of that work-life balance. 
  • Keep it simple. Being on web calls naturally comes with distractions from different backgrounds and multiple screens. Avoid patterned tops and, instead, opt for solid colors. If you’re a jewelry wearer, choose one statement piece and keep the rest simple to avoid distraction. 
  • Experiment! While solids are generally better on camera, you can still experiment with new looks. For example, maybe style a blazer over a comfy tee for an edgy, modern look!
  • Style your hair (including facial hair!). However you style it, make sure to give your hair a little zhuzh before you hop on camera. If you have facial hair, consider trimming your neck and shaping your beard and/or mustache for a more streamlined look. 
  • Take a comfy day! Some work-from-home days are just going to be sweatpants days. And you know what? That’s totally okay. If you have days with no video meetings and you want a casual dress day, you do you!

Where you can shop (or window shop) for pieces that are WFH Chic 

  • Budget Friendly: Loft offers everything from WFH clothes to accessories to keep you looking stylish during your video calls. For more masculine styles, check out Banana Republic.
  • Investment Pieces: MM La Fleur has looks to help you feel comfortable while looking tasteful, including cozy options to get you ready for sweater weather! For bold, masculine styles, check out End. 
  • If You Need Variety: Nordstrom has work from home outfit inspiration for both men and women that vary in formality and style. 
  • For Your Everyday Look: Public Rec has comfortable yet stylish items for working from home, ranging from athleisure to button-downs. For more feminine styles, try Madewell.
  • Sustainable Choice: Everlane has work-from-home-friendly pieces for everyone, from blouses to button-downs.

Tips for Getting the Right Setup 

  • Check your lighting. When you have video calls, place yourself so that you are facing a light source. This could be windows, a lamp, whatever you have! If you need an extra boost, check out some options for selfie lights to make sure that you’re looking positively radiant on your Zoom call. 
  • Change up your background. Whether you want to minimize visual distractions, or if you just don’t want your house on constant display, picking a background is a great option to keep it clean and simple in your video calls. Get some background inspiration here.
  • Find the right angle. Setting your camera slightly up from your eyeline is generally a more flattering angle than when your camera is below your eyeline. Stack your laptop on some books to give yourself that extra height boost!
  • Highlight your features. If you are a make-up person, video calls are a good time to practice your highlights and contours. Web calls generally make your make-up look more muted, so you can experiment with using a little more contour! Plus, adding a highlight can give you that glowy look despite using your 5-year-old webcam. 

Mask Fashion

If you’re not working from home right now, or if you just want to up your style game for your weekly outing to the store, we’ve got mask fashion tips for you, too!

  • Have your mask at the ready. To make it easier to take your mask on and off, as needed, try a mask chain or lanyard to keep your mask close for when you need it!
  • Go bold. Masks can be a fun opportunity to spice up your fashion. Consider trying out fun patterns or colors. Really let your personality shine!
  • Go neutral. You can’t go wrong with a simple, solid-colored mask. Try black or navy to effortlessly coordinate your mask with your professional look. 
  • Make-up lovers: beware the reversable mask. Look, we love reversable options as much as the next person, but if you are a make-up wearer, be cognizant of the colors of your reversible mask so that you don’t end up with a mask covered in make-up smudges.
  • Make sure it’s fitted. If your glasses keep getting fogged up when you wear your mask, check to make sure that you have a well-fitting mask, as loose-fitting masks can make glasses fogging worse. Consider choosing masks that have metal strips along the nose so that you can adjust the fit to prevent fogginess. If you’re planning to have your mask on for a while, you can also use medical or athletic tape to hold your mask down at the bridge of your nose.
  • Wash your face regularly. Wearing a mask when you’re out is so important, but it can also be brutal for sensitive skin! Make sure that you are washing your face on the reg (experts recommend washing your face for 60 seconds) and moisturizing it after to keep your skin healthy.

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