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Organizations around the region are having to
adapt to social distancing in the workplace because of COVID-19. Although there
might be some urgency in allowing employees to work from home, it is prudent to
develop a policy or guidelines that clearly identify the parameters for
teleworking and helps your company feel confident about employees working

In addition to social distancing, employers and
employees are seeing value in using teleworking to retain and recruit their workforce
and to manage long commutes daily.

Our webinar series offers practical guidance on how companies can maximize productivity and decrease employee stress in response to COVID-19.

Upcoming Webinars

No upcoming webinars.

Past webinars

How Regional Data can move your business forward with Telework Policies

This webinar will provide the latest information from the GCO surveys on how teleworking has impacted mobility in the metro Atlanta region. These updates will show regional trends for adopting flexibility of work based on the Remote Work surveys that were sent out at various time periods in 2020.

Reimagining Work- Building Blocks for Your Telework Program

This webinar will provide the latest on managing remotely based on employer experiences and expert advice. Topics to be explored will include recognizing and resolving WFH and Zoom fatigue, employee engagement methods under COVID-19, performance management and plans for hoteling in the future.

Flexibility Is the Future

This webinar will be comprised of employers that have taken steps to improve their teleworking arrangement during COVID-19. After asking employees to start working from home in March 2020 with very little planning, most have decided that flexibility is part of their future and know
that teleworking will be an important element in moving forward.

work from home fatigue

As a result of Covid-19 many employers adopted Work From Home (WFH) programs with little time to commit to planning a thoughtful process. Not only did the non-essential workers go home, but so did the rest of their household. This webinar presents data on challenges that employees are facing at home and discusses strategies for overcoming the WFH fatigue.

Embracing Cultural Change: Teleworking Post-COVID-19

GCO is hosting a conversation with employers on how we can improve upon current telework situations for future success with telework programming. Hear from GCO’s Telework Support Specialist and from other employers in the region on possibilities for a successful transition back to the workplace.

Nuts and Bolts Telework for Small Businesses

Join us for a discussion on how small businesses can optimize business continuity during this current pandemic. This webinar will be tailored for small businesses with less than 150 employees that are looking for general telework guidance and want to learn about what other lean organizations are doing in the region.

Best telework practices: The road to success for employees

For many employees teleworking is not only new but also challenging. This interactive webinar will focus on best practices that will help you succeed by learning how to set up a safe home environment, be goal-oriented, provide feedback to managers, establish a work/life balance, deal with distractions, troubleshoot basic technical issues and more.

Managing Remotely

Hosted by Georgia Commute Options in partnership with Perimeter Connects and ASAP+

This webinar gave managers and employees tools for working remotely effectively. Topics included:

•          Managing
objectives and deliverables while teleworking

•          Collaborating
through technology

•          Virtual

•          Supporting
good working habits

Position your team to adapt quickly and successfully with the guidance of the Flexwork Consulting Team at Georgia Commute Options.

Business Continuity In the era of COVID-19: Creating a
Business Environment that is Safe for Teleworking

Hosted by Georgia Commute Options in partnership with Livable Buckhead

Attendees learned how to develop guidelines or a policy on keeping their organization safe in a teleworking environment that includes issues such as worker’s compensation, liability, safety, and performance from an expert with over 30 years of experience in developing and managing telework programs. The objective of this webinar was to prepare companies with some formality and procedures to get programs up and running quickly.

Collaborative Technologies for Telework: SaaS solutions
for non-IT Professionals

Hosted by Georgia Commute Options

Join Georgia Commute Options for a review of the solutions
that are readily available for collaboration. Everything from Zoom to Teams,
Skype, Chat, etc. will be discussed at a non-IT based level so that HR
professionals can more clearly understand the IT needs for business continuity.
The target audience for this session is small to mid-sized companies without a
dedicated IT infrastructure or department.

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