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Over the last few weeks, we’ve heard from a good number of you asking questions about the new MyGCO web platform and MyGCO app, including how to log your trips and how the $25 prize drawings now work.  

With the hope of being helpful to everyone, we thought we’d share a roundup of our answers to some of your frequently asked questions.  

What’s new about logging my trips in the new MyGCO web platform and app?  

For a start, there’s the timeframe: You’re able to log your trips taken in the last two weeks, including the current day. It’s possible to log multiple days of trips at one time within this 14-day period—a convenient option so that you don’t have to log every single trip daily. Future trips you haven’t taken yet, on the other hand, cannot be set up in advance to record. This helps us better ensure accuracy.   

On the MyGCO app, there’s now a commute tracker option that lets you set your trips to be detected automatically. However, this isn’t required or the only way to log your trips on the MyGCO app. You still have the option to manually log your trips from the last two weeks on the app. Plus, if you’re a Strava user, you can sync your Strava account with the MyGCO app so that your Strava-tracked commute trips transfer over to your MyGCO account.    

Which trip logging option is best for me – the web platform or the MyGCO app? 

Whichever makes sense for you. If you opt for web platform, you’ll want to remember to go into your account at least twice a month and log all your trips taken within the last two weeks. In fact, if you prefer logging multiple days of trips at one time, it’s probably quickest to do this on the web platform. You just select the multiple days you’d like to log on the calendar in the Log Your Trip widget in your account dashboard.    

If having your trips detected automatically appeals to you, you might want to try out the MyGCO app and use the commute tracker feature. When you enable it, the app will detect whenever you travel between your home and worksite, then will prompt you to either confirm or delete your detected trips. You can toggle this feature on and off at any time; just be sure to allow the MyGCO app to use your phone’s location services so it can detect your trips. Don’t forget that you also have the option to manually log your trips on the app without ever having to turn on the commute tracker feature.  

You can find step-by-step instructions on how to use the MyGCO app and commute tracker feature by signing into your MyGCO account and going to the FAQ page: click here.    

Is it still possible to log telework days? 

For sure! Telework days can be logged on both the web platform and MyGCO app. On the app, you’ll need to manually log your telework days (the app doesn’t automatically detect teleworking).    

Can I connect my Strava account to the MyGCO app?         

Yes, absolutely. By connecting your Strava profile with the MyGCO app, you can have your bike and walk commute trips tracked in Strava added as trip logs to your MyGCO account. To do this, you’ll go to the Connected Apps area under your MyGCO account profile. There, you’ll follow the prompts for the Strava-connection option: In this initial set-up, you’ll need to check the option that grants the MyGCO app permissions to view data about your activities in Strava (this is required so that your Strava-tracked trips can be transferred to your MyGCO account).  

Your Strava-tracked trips will be synced with your MyGCO account if the trips start or end near your workplace. So, you’ll want to be sure that your work address is current in your MyGCO account.        

What happened to my points from the old system? 

There is no longer an overall point balance associated with your account like in the old system; it’s simply because points aren’t needed anymore. To take advantage of our new Commute Perks program—our catalog of discounts to local and national retailers, restaurants, and entertainment vendues—just log 5 clean commute days per month. Every month you meet this goal, you’ll get unlimited access to the whole host of discounts offered. You also don’t need any points to enter our $25 prize drawings, either. Simply log any clean commute to get entered automatically. 

How do I participate in the $25 prize drawings now? 

You’re automatically entered to win a $25 prize drawing each month whenever you log a clean commute. With every clean commute day you log, you’ll get another entry in the month’s drawing, upping your chances of winning. No points are needed to participate.        

How do I find out if I won a $25 prize drawing? 

$25 prize drawing winners will be announced at the beginning of each month. Winners will receive a sequence of two emails from us: The first, from, will notify all drawing winners that they’ve won a $25 reward. A second email, this time from, will give instructions on how to redeem the $25 reward through MyGCO’s reward provider platform, Tango.  

How do I redeem a $25 prize drawing reward? 

If you won a $25 prize drawing, you’ll receive an email from that includes a link to MyGCO’s reward provider platform, Tango. There, you’ll choose how you’d like to redeem your reward: It can be redeemed as a virtual gift card to any merchant out of a wide array of options, or as a virtual or physical Master Card.   

Still have questions about using the MyGCO web platform and MyGCO app? You can get more details by signing into your account and going to the FAQ page, complete with instructions and video tutorials. Just click the link here.

More info about MyGCO incentives can be found on the GCO blog: click here

If you’d like to reach out to us directly, feel free to email

You can also check out the MyGCO toolkit below:

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