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Whether you have been teleworking for months, are commuting to your workplace, or are encountering a job search, we are all facing anxieties and fatigue from the simultaneous sameness and uncertainty of our lives during COVID-19. Here are some suggestions and resources for taking some time to relax and recharge:

Make Some Art

Being creative can be a great way to relax! Now might even be a good time to tackle that DIY project you’ve been considering. Focusing on a creative project – whether it be knitting a blanket, painting a room or even just coloring – can be a great way to focus your attention away from your anxieties. Plus, then you can have something cute to wear or use in your home!

Click here to download some ATL coloring pages.

Listen to Some Music

Image from Ilias Chebbi on Unsplash

Check out a relaxing playlist like this Relax and Unwind playlist from Spotify. Or maybe upbeat 2000s Hits are more your style!

You can also make your own playlist of your favorite feel-good music to give yourself a little pick-me-up!


People all across the country are rethinking how they exercise and biking, walking, and running have all taken center stage! Find some time to get active, whether it be biking or walking, stretching, trying an online yoga class, or doing some quick exercises like jumping jacks to break up the day.

Use Your Brain

Solving a puzzle can be a good way to take a break. USA today has a number of games you can play for free, from Sudoku to solitaire. Or, if you don’t have much time, try the New York Times daily mini crossword puzzle!

Plant a Garden

Gardening can be a relaxing activity if you’re looking to invest a little time into something each day. Don’t want to buy too many supplies? No problem! A home garden can be very low cost. You can make your own little vegetable garden using from the groceries you already buy. Then, all you’ll need is some soil and a container.

You can also avoid buying containers by using some things you might already have at home. Turn a 16oz can into a planter by completely removing the top and adding holes to the bottom for drainage by using a nail. You can also use large plastic containers, such as milk jugs or a large container of apple sauce. Just be sure to wash the containers completely first!

And for an easy spade, you can cut the handle from a milk jug. Then, voila! You’re ready to go.

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Cover photo from Dane Wetton on Unsplash

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