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Commute (verb) – to travel some distance between one’s home and place of work on a regular basis.

Regular. Consistent. Recurring. That’s the morning and afternoon commute we see every day in metro Atlanta, which drives congestion on our roads and leads to frustration among city residents. But the same cycle leads to the same results: take the same commute and you’ll see the same congestion patterns.

But road congestion in metro Atlanta can change and it starts with you. And rather than frustrating, your commute can be rewarding. Literally.

Ready to save yourself from stress and save money? Start with an option to driving alone – biking, carpooling, flexible working, taking transit, vanpooling – then sign up for an incentive program through Georgia Commute Options which will drive some change back into your wallets:

  • Gimme Five: New program participants can earn $5 a day — up to $150 — for trying a new commute option other than driving alone.
  • $25 Enter to Win: Existing clean commuters are entered to win monthly $25 prizes for logging their commutes.
  • Monthly Gas Card: Carpoolers with three or more riders can earn monthly gas cards.
  • Vanpool $50 Referral: Individuals can receive $50 for referring a new vanpool rider after that new rider has completed three consecutive months on a vanpool.
  • Guaranteed Ride Home: Program participants are promised a guaranteed ride home when unexpected events occur. Participants can receive up to five free rides, by taxi or rental car, to their home or car in case of emergency.

We’re ready to help you drive change towards a better commute. Visit

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