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All metro Atlantans know how hot summer can be in the city. As temperatures rise, it’s harder to stay cool commuting to work, and let’s be honest – no one wants to come to work a hot, sweaty mess.

No matter what your commute looks like—walking, biking, driving or taking transit – here are some tips for how to stay cool during your commute this summer.

  • Take a warm shower – Taking a cold shower in the morning actually causes your body temperature to rise to compensate for the cold, meaning that you’ll warm-up quickly instead of cooling down. 
  • Stay hydrated – Drink a glass of water when you first wake up and continue to hydrate throughout the day. If you’re feeling thirsty, that means you’re already dehydrated.
  • Start early – Commuting earlier in the morning helps avoid the sun and you might even catch a morning breeze. For walkers and bikers, wearing light-colored clothing or using a bike light can ensure you stay safe in the dark.
  • Take your time – If you’re rushing to get ready for work, your body temperature will rise. During the summer months, try getting up a little earlier to give yourself ample time to get ready and make your commute.
  • Dress in light layers and bring extra clothes – Wearing light, breathable fabrics will help regulate your body temperature. And, in case you do work up a sweat, keep an extra set of clothes at the office.
  • Use cooling tactics – Look for a cooling bandanna or freeze a wet washcloth to keep on hand for a quick cooldown. 
  • Invest in a small portable fan – This will come in handy if you arrive at work still hot from your commute. A small desk fan will do the trick to cool you down!

Stay cool out there, Atlanta. Don’t let the scorching temps and humidity mess with your clean commute this summer. Find an option that works best for you by signing up for our incentive programs and logging your commute!