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There aren’t many things we miss from middle school, but one thing we do miss is walking and carpooling with friends and neighbors to and from school! Not only is it better for the environment, but it serves as a great time to bond with friends, coworkers or loved ones.

The Dynamic Duo

Enter Chrissy Boals, Associate Social Engagement Coordinator at Moxie and Jenna Goldenne, Social Engagement Coordinator at Moxie. After discovering they lived rather close to each other, this commuting duo started implementing a clean commute routine.

And, what makes this situation better is they actively participate in GCO’s Gimme 5 program. “It’s an easy way to put a little money back into my pocket,” said Chrissy. “And, it’s rewarding that I’m advocating for our Earth and playing an important role in cutting down on harmful gas emissions.”

Daily Routine

Their commute changes frequently, as the duo switches off between driving or walking each day depending on the weather. Carpooling? To work? Yeah, these thoughts cross our minds too:  

What if you have to go in early for a meeting? What if you have to stay late to meet a client deadline? What if you have dinner plans with a friend right after work? What if you can’t leave in time to make it to that 6 p.m. workout class?

But for Chrissy and Jenna, it’s not about the what if’s? it’s about being responsible, understanding and communicative.

“Communication is key for us,” explained Chrissy. “Our work and personal schedules change constantly. We respect each other’s time and stay flexible for any last-minute meetings, appointments or conflicts.”  

In addition to putting money back into your pocket, a clean commute can put valuable time back into your schedule.  “I use our walks as time to reflect and practice mindfulness,” voiced Chrissy. “I make a conscious effort to stay off my phone and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of my day.” And, let’s not forget that walking to work provides an opportunity to get active, get fresh air, reduce traffic congestion and cut down on emissions.

Doesn’t this sound like a dream? Chat with your coworkers and neighbors to make this a reality, or use our Ridematch feature to find other commuters that have similar commutes in your area. Look out for more #CommuterStories this fall!

Drive Change

Chrissy & Jenna