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Still stressing out over your daily commute? Your commute could serve as a time for you to reflect, relax and prepare to conquer your day!

With back to school season adding some extra time to your daily commute, consider implementing these habits to avoid overwhelming stress that can come with your commute:

  • Carpool. Buddy-up with a coworker or friend to join your commute to work. Establish a schedule where you take turns driving and filling up on gas, saving you time and money! And, if you need help finding a carpool partner, check out our pairing program.
  • Implement aromatherapy. Different smells can trigger different moods and thoughts – serving as a great way to de-stress. This article walks you through seven different scents and ways they can affect your mood.
  • Check traffic and plan accordingly. If you’re driving, check the Georgia DOT’s 511 for real time traffic and construction updates before heading out. Or, plan your drive with apps like Waze and Google Maps to provide alternate routes – avoiding traffic and reducing stress.
  • Be mindful. Use your commute as a time to plan out how you’re going to conquer your day – or reflect on the day you just had – expressing gratitude and thinking through ways to make tomorrow a better day.
  • This may seem like a no brainer but throw on a podcast.  Whether you take the self-help, murder mystery or comedic route – switch up your listening schedule and take time to discover new interests.   
  • Take control of your commute. If you’re driving to work and fighting bumper to bumper traffic every day, consider exploring alternate commute options such as public transit, teleworking, biking or walking if distance allows.

We offer a plethora of ways to adjust and customize your commute. Sign up for our incentive programs and start driving change in Atlanta!

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