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Let’s Clear the (Parking) Deck for One Week- (Aug. 19-23)

A lot of people drive in Atlanta- A LOT. Most of us spend
hours every week, inching our way to work alongside thousands of other solo
drivers. For many, there’s an added hassle of finding a parking space once we reach
our destination. Imagine what Atlanta could be if even half of the parking
decks or lots were used for something else. Something like a park, or a food
hall or a library. Imagine if we could get half of the people flooding those
parking lots to try something new like taking transit or sharing the ride with
a group of coworkers and friends. We’d all breath a little easier with the
reduced congestion and improved air quality, wouldn’t we? That’s why we’re
joining together with regional partners to challenge Atlanta employers to Clear
the Deck the week of August 19-23.

For one week, employers can join by asking their employees
to try a clean commute option like transit, carpooling, walking, biking or even
working from home.

The best part about the promotion is it’s totally flexible.
It’s up to each worksite to decide what works best for them and how they want
to participate. Maybe your building is right next to a MARTA stop and you want
to encourage staff to take transit. Maybe you want to help organize carpools
and have a carpool karaoke competition among your team members. Or it could be
as easy as letting your staff telework one day. These are all great ways we can
help Clear the Deck. If you need a little extra inspiration, you can find some
additional ideas here to get the
creative juices flowing.

What’s in it for me, you ask? Well, beyond making the
Atlanta region a better place, we’re also throwing in a few rewards for participating
commuters. Those who register on
between August 11-18 and log their clean commutes the week of August 19-23 will
be entered into a special drawing to receive a $50 gift card. Additionally, the
first 20 worksites to register for the promotion will receive a $50 gift card
to raffle off to their participating employees.

To register your worksite, visit and don’t forget to
tell us how your team is participating throughout the week using
#ClearTheDeckGA on social media.