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As companies and employees continue to transition back into their pre-pandemic work routines, more employees are driving back to their offices.

Easing teams back into commutes may seem like a risk-free transition, but it could be more harmful to your recruitment and retention strategy than you think. It turns out the problem isn’t returning to the workplace after all – it’s the stress of traffic.

Smart employers are thinking about policies and benefits that can help employees overcome commuting nightmares across Atlanta, but striking a balance between flexibility for workers and in-office requirements can be tricky. 

Here are 5 strategies companies can use to reduce commuter stress and create a more attractive work environment for both talented recruits and current employees alike.

Offset Transit Fare Costs

Affordability is a significant barrier when it comes to commuting. 

To address this issue, consider offsetting a portion of transit pass costs for your employees. By providing this benefit, you can make public transportation a more accessible and appealing option. 

Subsidizing transit fares encourages employees to choose more sustainable transportation alternatives while also alleviating travel costs.

Assist with Route Planning

Some employees may be unfamiliar with the public transportation options available to them or may require assistance in finding a viable route. 

By offering one-on-one assistance with route planning, you can support employees in navigating public transit systems effectively. Additionally, you can promote broader awareness of nearby transit amenities by providing area maps and information about nearby bus stops, train stations, and other relevant transit options. 

Empowering employees with knowledge about their commuting options can instantly make public transportation a more convenient and appealing choice.

Utilize GCO’s Guaranteed Ride Home Program- or Supplement with Your Own Program

Life is unpredictable, and there may be instances when employees need alternative transportation options due to unexpected circumstances. 

That’s why GCO offers up to four free rides a year to program participants through our Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program. If you think some team members may need more than four rides, consider establishing your own program that offers reimbursement for a set number of Uber/Lyft rides on days when plans change for carpoolers or when emergencies arise. This ensures that employees have a reliable backup plan, allowing them to fulfill their commitments without the stress of finding last-minute transportation. 

Especially useful for the Lovett faculty and staff was GCO’s app. The GCO app was positioned to help staff identify colleagues near their homes who also want to share a ride to work.

“What we did specifically with Lovett was collect all their employees’ contact information to feed the data back to ARC (Atlanta Regional Commission). Because ARC has the capability to do mapping, we gave them zip codes and were able to match the employees,” said Ariana Ward, GCO Worksite Advisor and Commuter Engagement Specialist.

Offer Backup Parking Days

While promoting sustainable transportation is important, there may be days when taking transit is not practical for everyone. 

To alleviate the pressure on those days, provide flexible parking options, such as a backup day pass. This allows employees to park their vehicles on days when using public transportation may not be an option due to personal circumstances or other factors. 

By offering this flexibility, you acknowledge the diverse needs of your employees and demonstrate your commitment to supporting them in their commuting choices.

Tap Into Rewards with the GCO App

Connecting employees with commuting rewards can incentivize them to adopt more sustainable transportation options. 

Take advantage of free tools like the GA Commute app to provide incentives like cash rewards or gift cards for employees who switch to clean commuting methods and track their trips within the app.

Employees could also earn $150 for choosing to bike, walk, carpool, or use public transportation for the first time instead of driving alone. These rewards not only promote sustainable commuting but also create a more positive and engaging workplace culture.

Implement New Strategies with Ease Through Georgia Commute Options

You want to attract and retain top talent for your workplace, so don’t let commuting barriers get in the way! 

Georgia Commute Options, a program made possible by the Atlanta Regional Commission and Georgia Department of Transportation, works with employers at no cost to develop commuter programs that move the needle on traffic congestion in the Atlanta region. 

Ready to give your employees a better way to get to work?

Let Georgia Commute Options help.

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